Great news everyone! The power is out in your office

so you can have the day off to do as you please. What’s it gonna be? (Must be within your actual means.)

Think I would probably:

  • go home, make a big old pot of coffee
  • play some Ocarina of Time
  • read a bit of my book (Making A Murderer defense lawyer bloke’s book)
  • maybe go out for a run (or a long walk if i cba)


Bike ride

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ride my bike
maybe go to the pictures.

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make an effort, bikebores


Ride my bike fast?


You should really be tidying your desk

Probably learn those guitar parts tbh

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I don’t know. I’m in a really shit mood so maybe a walk along the coast or something.

Go for a big poo in the dark in the office. First things first.

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it’s cold and raining here so doubt i’d get up to anything really exciting.

need to tidy up a bit. christ my life is boring. might as well be in work.

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alright shut it down mods, we’re the most crushingly dull group of humans on the planet


I’d probably try and get some writing done but it’s gradually becoming something I’m a bit too anxious to work on :frowning:

yeah i’m in the same place with the lyrics on my album. i’m banning myself from listening to it for a week and then after that i’ll just have to get on with it.

Playing my 7" records in alphabetical order.

They’ll just tell me to work from somewhere else using the VPN. Probably head home and work from there.

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take up an electrician qualification
fix power outage
get the whole office back working
get promoted or die tryin’



halfway stop at the Ide Hill cafe


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Guess what @ericthefourth

I’d go on a bike ride