Great news everyone! The power is out in your office

Yup, like CZ it would need to be a huge power cut or something. Otherwise I’d still be working.

Head out of here and get a coffee, have a little walk, go to the Craft Beer Co, have a couple of pints, then head back home and chill out for a couple of hours.

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I’d listen to podcasts

I think this thread proves that cycling is insidiously addictive and all-consuming. Imagine not being able to think of anything better to do than ride a fucking push bike.


that’s more like it!

about cycling?

go to the cinema

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what to see?

details, people!!!

“Gone for a cycle today?”

tbqh by the time I get home I probably wouldn’t be arsed about a bike ride


go home via a second breakfast somewhere (might go to that cafe in nunhead which does a ridic vegan breakfast)
home with coffee, read my book
lunch in the vietnamese place i’ve not tried near my flat, or maybe the malaysian place in crofton park
afternoon pints with my book


Hi eric,

I’d go to the cinema and see Happy Death Day. I’d treat myself to some ben and jerry’s and I’d pick the peanut butter cup and mint AND the caramel chew chew or some other fudgy caramely type thing. I’d also buy some delicious beers.

Then, guess what… I might go and see ANOTHER film. Either geostorm or The Snowman.

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Probably go home, do a bit of tidying I’ve been putting off, then settle onto the couch for a day of Zelda


I reckon I’d make some nice coffee, faff around a bit on audacity with some mixcloud mixes I’ve been working on, move on to doing some writing (but actually do about 10 minutes writing for every 45 minutes of mindless internet refreshing) then give up and watch Parks and Rec.

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great shout tbf

Actually sub in some afternoon pints with a book into my day. That sounds blissful.

i really need to keep a list of breakfast places to try out

where does your favourite breakfast in london, eric?

That would mean the power in my house was out, so I’d have to go out to a cafe or something and, um, work I suppose. :no_mouth:

Very much like @hip_young_gunslinger, I’d leave work, pick something for to eat, brunch probably from Coffeelab in town, then head to pub with headphones and book and have a few quiet pints.

In fact I might do some of this today, depending on how long the TV wants to stay in bed for (just back from NYC and she’s knackered)

oh jeez, that’s a massive question. some that come to mind: acoustic cafe on newington green does this great eggs romano thing served with turkish bread, big fan of the diner’s breakfast burrito, breakfast club does good pancakes. don’t really have a go-to place but if i’m anywhere near a turkish place it’ll probably be some kind of menemen.

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