Great news! I have placed fourteenth in the school raffle!

Please speculate as to what I have won.


If that is the case I resent the text I received and my wife will resent visiting the school offices

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At this stage I would probably take it although it would be a £5 bottle.

A half perished, pre sucked Murray Mint

Keep Calm and Carry On mouse mat or something else that really leans into your wheelhouse.


A Werther’s Copy

child gets grade moved in subject of your choosing up one (1) band

ie C→B / B→A

To whom did you resend the text?

bottle of matey bubble bath

bottle of tezza basic bubble bath

I feel bitterness or indignation at your post.

A Vauxhall Vectra

a cuddly toy!

Another child

To be honest that is probably what we would take over anything else at this stage.

a 5 second head start in next years dad race


Cadburys Minature Heroes (250g)

You get to be a chaperone on a school trip

A Marathon bar