Great news! (Rolling)

This is a thread for sharing great news

Just got some great news at work; The honorary Chairperson for our (Amnesty International) Turkish section has just been freed after 14 months in prison.

Obviously we’ve been campaigning for his release for a long time so even though they haven’t dropped the charges and he still has a court date set for November it’s absolutely fantastic news that he’s being released.

So, share your great news, big or small, so that we can all share in each other’s joy :slight_smile:

No haterz plz


Found out this morning that I’m going to be interviewing Protomartyr tomorrow which I’m quite excited about.


Are you with Sentric or someone similar? (I have no idea how these things Actually work I’m just a drummer)

Will you be asking them if they are pro tomato?


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wish I had some good news :frowning:

oh yeah, just made a good cuppa :slight_smile:


You’ll get royalties for that though surely?

Also, well done :+1:t3:

A guy I worked with for a while who played keys on a Spice Girls album got a surprise PRS/MCPS cheque nearly 15 years after the fact as apparently the collection agency in Holland never passed on the royalties and only noticed after an audit. That was a spare £22k from nowhere

Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

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