Great News Thread!

I’ve got a £2.25 coupon to spend at Holland and Barrett.

Beat that!

(all sensitive info redacted - I’m not daft!!)

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More redacted now.

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Not sure that Barcode will scan mate, you’ve been had

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I went to holland and barratt today

I got a tiny tub of coconut oil (for removing my eye make up at the gym) and some re-hydration salts and an almond butter bar (to eat)

Ha, I always just assumed that was some kind of DiS injoke. It’s a bit like finding out that marcofella’s name was actually Marco Fella

*jobless fella

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< £2.25? Because if so, I can get all that for FREE!

I spent £8!

Is this one of those joke things where “lysine” will turn out to be cock medicine and I’ll look like I’ve got a diseased penis?


oh :frowning:

ha ha! xylo’s got a poorly willy everyone!

sucks air through teeth


Nicolas Godin and Jean-Benoît Dunckel will be delighted!


see you in the morning, everyone

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have a GREAT evening Aggpass.

I’m going to do some window shopping on the H&B website.