Great review of the new Kaiser Chiefs




genuinely raised a smile

the resurgence of Ricky Wilson/The Kaiser Chiefs is pretty mind boggling, even if I do know my old boss was partially responsible for it. still don’t understand how it got quite this far.


Seems like something aomeone like david o’doherty would do on 10 Cats does Countdown


I don’t understand either but I imagine the exposure from doing the Voice has a great deal to do with it. The user score at the end cracked me up even more.


These kind of reviews are often terrible but that’s actually pretty good.


watched him last night on 8/10 cats countdown last night, he’s funny.


was that the one with the awful guy with the stupid voice in DC?


Yeah, read this. Really need better integration between the boards and DiS otherwise I’m just going to forget the main site content. @Sean would be interesting to see if main site traffic has gone down since the new boards went up (which would defeat the object of the cost saving given the associated loss in unique views of advertising I guess).


If anything, the traffic on the main site is up somewhat. Partly that’s because we invited all 100k+ user accounts to the new forums, and a lot of them have likely explored the site.

We’re looking at ways of changing the CSS on these forums to link back to the site nicely and to also carry some adverts as they’re going to cost us more than previously planned due to the volume of traffic.


Great stuff - I do remember to go back and check out the reviews but I always found the scrolling headlines at the top of the main site helpful when I got fed up of ranking Radiohead albums :slight_smile:


Yeah, maybe we can find a way to re-add the ticker over here. I’ve had a few people get in touch offering to help.