"Great service, impeccable attention to detail, overall

a flawless experience."

Rating: 4 stars out of 5

Absolute piece of shit reviewer. Die.

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And that’s unheard of


Years ago I Ebayed loads of stuff. Amongst them was a job lot of about fifteen used ties. The cunt who bought them for about a pound left me a negative feedback which read ‘beans stain on one tie’.

How did he know it was a beans stain?



Also, one of my boring admin jobs at work is monitoring online feedback, and I swear to god about 20% of boomers think one-star is the highest rating. The amount of times we get a glowing review and a one-star rating is incredible.


Hahaha hadn’t though of that.

“Ooh well done sonny. Let me give you a 1 as in ‘the best one’”

Like getting a gold star sticker when you did a nice picture at school

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Sort of thing just makes me think of:

The popcorn’s burnt
My foot is stuck
I give it 6 out of 5

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