Great subtitled films

I watched City Of God last night for the first time: superb really. Similar story with Amores Perros which I watched a couple of months ago (actually think that was even better).
So, subtitled films. What are the best ones ever?

Le Diner De Cons is the funniest film I’ve ever seen.

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The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

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English langage films have subtitles too!!!

anyone else watch Jean De Florettte and Manon Des Sources in french class?

I love A Town Called Panic but it’s very small scale compared to something like CoG

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Just a regular day on DiS


Best ones ever (for me)

Tokyo Story
Exterminating Angel
The Woman In The Dunes
the Earrings of.Madame De
A Moment of Innocence

And more

Leviathan is currently on iPlayer too

They are both absolute classics. I’d recommend La Haine, Spirited Away, Volver

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Still need to see Volver, I think Juliette was the only film of his I’ve seen so far. As good as its reputation suggests?

The White Ribbon

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ah yeah it’s brill it is

Sweet I’ll get on that, been watching too many easy films and not enough good ones lately

Same here, Mission Impossible 3 or 4 last night :smiley: doesn’t even matter which

Others I would give a thumbs-up to:

  • Carancho

  • Cache

  • Blue Is The Warmest Colour

  • Switchblade Romance (even though it goes a bit daft)

  • REC

  • Pan’s Labyrinth

  • The Orphanage

  • Lives Of Others

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The Orphanage is one of my favourite films. Saw it in the cinema and have never seen an entire room of people jump so much

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What is the one about the guy in prison in France?

A Prophet

Also good

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This one?

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Switchblade Romance was rubbishhhhhhhhhh