Great subtitled films



I watched City Of God last night for the first time: superb really. Similar story with Amores Perros which I watched a couple of months ago (actually think that was even better).
So, subtitled films. What are the best ones ever?


Le Diner De Cons is the funniest film I’ve ever seen.


The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers


English langage films have subtitles too!!!

anyone else watch Jean De Florettte and Manon Des Sources in french class?


I love A Town Called Panic but it’s very small scale compared to something like CoG



Just a regular day on DiS


Best ones ever (for me)

Tokyo Story
Exterminating Angel
The Woman In The Dunes
the Earrings of.Madame De
A Moment of Innocence

And more

Leviathan is currently on iPlayer too


They are both absolute classics. I’d recommend La Haine, Spirited Away, Volver


Still need to see Volver, I think Juliette was the only film of his I’ve seen so far. As good as its reputation suggests?


The White Ribbon




ah yeah it’s brill it is


Sweet I’ll get on that, been watching too many easy films and not enough good ones lately


Same here, Mission Impossible 3 or 4 last night :smiley: doesn’t even matter which


Others I would give a thumbs-up to:

  • Carancho

  • Cache

  • Blue Is The Warmest Colour

  • Switchblade Romance (even though it goes a bit daft)

  • REC

  • Pan’s Labyrinth

  • The Orphanage

  • Lives Of Others


The Orphanage is one of my favourite films. Saw it in the cinema and have never seen an entire room of people jump so much


What is the one about the guy in prison in France?


A Prophet

Also good


This one?


Switchblade Romance was rubbishhhhhhhhhh