Great Tastes Of America is back at McDonalds

The new cajun wrap is shit. Uses the same sauce/mayo as boots do in their wraps as well.

Fuck off!


Overheard some chat while I was waiting for my Mcmuffin yesterday that they’re trialling an extended breakfast in certain stores for the next 12 weeks. Exciting stuff!

Makes sense, no fucker wants a quarter pounder at 10.45.


They do a triple cheeseburger in Ljubljana as a normal menu item!

They had this as limited edition in France, dunno how limited it is.

Didn’t get one, the double cheese is enough meat for me

I got one. I enjoyed to eat it.

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place near me used to do quadruple decker cheeseburger, with a different kind of cheese slice for each patty.

I’d cum all over that


for an extra £1 they’d slap some crispy bacon on there too. i like being a veggie now but i do miss that burger.

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Spicy Nuggets, awful.

Double quarterpounder with cheese - they’re not even trying this month, are they?

Wait, what?

Have they finally introduced the perfect menu item?

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Could smash a double quarter pounder and half a dozen spicy nuggets. Need to shed a bit of timber in the next 3 weeks though :frowning:

Might treat myself if it’s still on afterwards.

Quite difficult to accept that the double quarter pounder isn’t coming to Spain.

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Would it not be a (roughly) quarter kilogrammer over there?

Or a double Royale with cheese, as the film quote goes?

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You get patatas bravas as standard though


Can’t get excited about McDonald’s beef burgers regardless of how many patties they chuck on. The XL Bacon Double Cheeseburger is still the daddy of the UK market in that regard. Can’t believe nothing has even come close to challenging it.


I got one last week…and added bacon. Brilliant burger.

Burger King is better for standard menu, McDonald’s for limited edition. I still long for the South Carolina stack


Drunk and trying to get someone in McDonald’s to make me a double quarter pounder when I was a kid just after they’d taken it off the menu.

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Spanish Maccies pisses all over Britain’s. Beef actually tastes like beef rather than an old trainer sole from 1986.

Remember this really quaint little patisserie in the back of Nantes McDonald’s too so as not to lower the tone. French be Frenching :smile: