Great Things Posted On Social Media II chat thread

The Great Things Posted On Social Media II thread is a no chat thread, however this rule has been broken multiple times and looks like it won’t stop being broken any time soon.

Instead of derailing that thread, please use this thread to link to posts from the original and chat here as much as you like.

I genuinely don’t mind @iamwiggy posting whatever he thinks is great in the GTPOSM thread. He thinks they’re great. Many will not. If he was trolling, it’d be a different matter, but he’s not (or he’s very good at it).

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If any of the @moderators are bored one day, please feel free to move the chat from the other thread to this one, but only if you’re really bored.

You can even include polls here to rate the posts in the other thread.


How great was this post?

  • Great
  • Good
  • OK
  • Bad
  • Terrible

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Safe to say that I doubt any of us will be that bored.


All good, but just to give you a heads up, I’ll be flagging future breaches like this one as “Inappropriate” if you wouldn’t mind moving those.

i was going to start flagging all the chat in a no chat thread once but then i thought it would annoy the mods so stopped

reckon he started off not trolling but obviously now deliberately posts total pish. thrives off the ZOMG WIGGY banter that everyone apparently can’t get enough of

Where should @iamwiggy post things he finds on social media which he thinks are great?

  • The Great Things Posted On Social Media II thread
  • The Things Posted On Social Media thread
  • Not on Drowned In Sound
  • Other (please explain)

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I’m with japes on this that to begin with he was, but then it became meta, and now he’s posting objectively terrible things because haha he’s being epic, and a bunch of people are egging him on, and it’s grown into its own cult thing which is overbearing for those that don’t appreciate it. And each time we have this back and forth where someone goes shouldn’t this go into another thread, and someone else goes noooo it’s epic man, grow a sense of humour and on and on it goes. My two bob is that it should go into the other thread specifically set aside for it.

:woman_shrugging: or alternatively, you’re overthinking it :man_shrugging:

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cheers for the chat man

It’s not though.

I mean the chat should be less than the content and that hasn’t happened with the new thread but chat about what’s posted is important.

No chat threads are the absolute pits.

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As for this I’m sort of with @Parsefone in that wiggy seems to have gone into MPBH mode. I don’t want him to stop posting because it can be fun to see the occasional clanger but he needs to rein it in a bit.

Equally, we need to reserve our chat for useful stuff: ‘great things’ has mostly been a divisive thread and frankly that’s fine.

I’d rather 5 posts by wiggy than the usual cynical auto-grump about basically anything in there not being amusing. Like either you have amusing content to put in there or else you have nothing and we can only conclude you actually don’t find anything funny.


it’s ma0sm’s thread mate, not yours

nah dickheads that can’t stop themselves from posting chat in a no chat thread are the worst

that cursed images thread was 10x funnier because there was no chat allowed

I often genuinely laugh at wiggys posts

It doesn’t say no chat in the title or in the opening post so it’s a retcon to claim now that it is ‘no chat’.

Cursed British images rightly had the no chat flouted.

why do you all love making threads for really specific things so much.


dis is absolutely mad for it

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  • I understand this
  • I don’t understand this
  • I partially understand this

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