Great Things Posted On Social Media IV (inc chat)(no? chat)

yes, listened to both of them, like self esteem.

not heard of yard act, fontaines dc, shame, dry cleaning, idles and sleaford mods.

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i looked down the music forum back six days and only saw “fontaines dc” in a thread title

I don’t mean they are necessarily right there in the last week but:

Been a while since we’ve given enough of a shit about Idles to post in a thread named after them it seems but they have the most

this feels a little agressively trying to debunk me dude.

so to defend this, i have checked and i have listened to idles once. the rest, not heard of them, and even if they are in a thread title i don’t really read the music board at all, i sometimes jump into the new music thread but there are so many names my eyes just glaze over.


Okay, sorry, wasn’t intended as an attack. I partly did it to check if I was right but equally I wasn’t really sure what saying ‘I went back 6 days’ was meant to be if not you attempting to debunk me! :smiley: You made me doubt myself.

I wasn’t saying you definitely should have heard of them, I was just being honest that I was surprised the names didn’t come back to you when you read them even if you had no idea what the bands were. I often see bands mentioned by mates and all I can say is, “Yes, I saw a thread on a forum about them.”

god bless you scout. in actual tears - a proper uncontrollable giggle cheers bab

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its alright mate, i’ve heard of a few, actually heard even less and am sure they are all shit :smiley:

(mainly based on sleaford mods being included)


It’s fair to say that none are my faves although Fontaines and Dry Cleaning have both done at least one album I still enjoy a great deal.


My entire opinion of Sleaford Mods is based on hearing them on a Rough Trade playlist maybe 5-6 years ago? It was an angry bloke shouting ‘McFlurry’ over a cheap Casio keyboard on ‘demo mode’.

I’ve not heard anything since then as I’ve had no intention of finding out more. I could be doing them a disservice.


If anything you’re doing them too much of a service


I actually could go with “an angry bloke shouting ‘McFlurry’ over a cheap Casio keyboard on ‘demo mode’” - it’s other stuff that I’m not sure about.


Think dry cleaning might be the most annoyingly nothingy band of all time

No chat

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As we were arriving into Sheffield on Thursday for the Self Esteem gig, the album we’d had on came to an end, so I switched over to 6music, to hear them playing some kind of collaboration featuring the singers of Sleaford Mods and Dry Cleaning. Proper 6music jumping the shark type stuff. I swear, @Gnometorious kicked off so hard she almost set off her airbag.


Could’ve put this in the cursed British images thread but I love it too much


Missing persons. Duran Duran.


this is giving me acid flashbacks to staying at my nan’s on a saturday, would go as far as to say cilla black practically ruined my childhood. forced to watch this and blind date, used to find it excruciating.


The royal navy :joy: