Great Things Posted on Social Media


Number 1: make your own bagpipes using a bin liner and some recorders

Most posts by a single person in a thread


#Ed Balls


Might actually also count as terrible things:

Schoolyard insults to Nazis gets your account restricted by Twitter.



Sort of presumed it was fake due to the nature of the video as it fell but:


It’s a great video. It starts off hilarious, then it gets outright psychedelic, then there’s a bit of a jump scare when it hits the ground, then it’s hilarious again, then it’s nauseating - all in just over a minute! Epic.



Finally, they posted something useful for the humanity.


Best things posted on social media are always dog videos

one of my personal faves is -



My dad seems to spend his time at work winding folk up on local news articles, etc on Facebook.

Just spotted a great one.

On an article from Australia about UK prison officers going over there to work, some Aussie woman kicking off in the comments: “Who the fuck wants them here. I’m sick of immigrants taking over. Why don’t we employ our own?”

My old man has replied to her: “They would but you need a clean criminal history, so that rules you all out”



Why can’t the lazy prick just throw the fucking ball?

Seems like cross thread posts are no longer linking back

This would be great if Jimmy Fallon didn’t feel the need to make it about him.


I’ve posted incredibly strong content yesterday and today and it’s not getting the love it deserves. Yesterday: My GoT trailer breakdown on FB. Seven fucking likes. Today: In Norwegian, but a penis joke of sorts, making fun of a newspaper headline, on insta. I laughed so much whilst posting it and it’s got 8 likes. My genius is so wasted on the world.


Post them here instead, we’ll love them


The 26 point GoT breakdown is in the GoT trailer thread, which is where I first posted it.


the definition of elderly people using social media


Just realised it was utterly pointless blanking out my Granny’s name. Oh well.


Genuine shoulder-shaking chuckles at this :sweat_smile: