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Wait, was Stephen watching the guy tutoring at a bar?

right i’m obviously not on the conspirators side here but this tweet is annoying

burn things other than wood?

i know you can get a wood fire forge hot enough to melt metal, that’s not the annoying bit. it’s like they’re trying to make fun of the internal logic of the people that are claiming wood can’t melt metal, when it holds true. ARGH why am i even typing this literally what is the point

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Have you ever had to knock on it though?


But we didn’t have coal in the bronze age did we?

then you would still need a kiln afaik. pretty sure they had charcoal though.

just irked they seem to be suggesting there is no other way to heat metal other than with a wood fire? imo that joke / response doesn’t work


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Thread got boring again.


it’s just getting going IMO


Well I’ve never had to knock on bronze
But I know someone who has
Which make me wonder, how’s Balonz?
It makes me wonder how’s
I’ve never had to knock on bronze
And I’m glad I haven’t yet
Because we’re not leprechauns
That’s the impression that I get


That’s not what they’re suggesting. The first metals found were from the ore stones being in fire pits AFAIK. If it wasn’t bronze I guess copper? @epimer?

So the point being made is that if you can’t melt metal with wood you’d never have first discovered metal use.

Uhh if wood fires could melt metal then how would these exist you bunch of idiots


this is the content i crave from DiS tbh


you don’t find bronze theo, you make it. with copper. also you can use and shape metal without fire too.

if that’s the point then it’s wrong.

Right so copper was discovered after fires died down, melted out of the ore rocks in the pits. That’s how we discovered it and the provess

how did we discover wood. imagine who was looking at trees going, i bet if i chop that fucker down i’d have a fire and a nice cabinet. they also had to convince like at least 2 other people to help them do this, too.


Before clothes were invented, everyone was just totally naked all the time.


Probably Mordaunt and maybe Leadsom? I’m not giving an axe to Gove or Grayling.

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shut. up. :open_mouth:

copper is naturally occurring. people just found it, they didn’t have to refine ore to get it. and like sad says, they found gold first anyways. but that wasn’t even the point.

“if wood can’t melt metal, metal can’t be melted” seemed to be the point of the tweet. which i thought was dumb. cba with this any more.

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