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ripped this from another forum


Bit of an attack on weight IMO.


i’m not endorsing the message i’m making fun of it and the person who wrote it


Ah right. Clearly a massive anus, yes.


it’s the “the village” bit that gets me, it’s very “how dare you sir!”



ho ya, those kids’re kinda funny-looken



This has made at least one appearance in the other thread

Still incredible


Man, the new Caretaker album really sucks


Reading this in Partridge’s voice from your profile picture works perfectly


although having “halloween names” is why twitter is awful


i’m not sure i really understand the school of trolling that’s basically “make all my neighbours think i’m an absolutely awful dickhead but HAHAHA joke’s on them, turns out i’m not! ahahaha!”

bit weird innit

the unicycling one is alright though



Ray Charles - I Got A Woman (1955)


*Mr Hennety


Thanks, @ma0sm, now it looks like I’m a double-posting idiot.


Leaving aside the self evident awfulness, the thing that really bothers me is the combination of “didn’t need money for kicks” with “Saturday night flicks”.

How did they pay for these cinema trips? Is the suggestion that back in the day they were barrier jumping cinema thieves?


really feel there should be a midwest emo album called I Remember The Corned Beef Of My Childhood