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so i looked at his dutch wiki page and the autotranslate function has me in stitches (sadly no mentions of honey)

Philip James (Phil) Selway ( Abingdon , May 23, 1967 ) is the British drummer of the band Radiohead .

He gives the band its characteristic sound by drumming exactly and varied. Selway is the oldest member of Radiohead and is often unfairly labeled as unfriendly. That is why the other Radiohead members also call him “Bald member”, a play on words: Band member. He went to the same school (Abingdon Boys School) as the other Radiohead members: frontman Thom Yorke , guitarists Ed O’Brien and Jonny Greenwood and bassist Colin Greenwood . He joined the band when their primitive drum computerit went away. He studied English and history at “Liverpool Polytechnic”. He has taught English for the great success of Radiohead. He also drummed at some other groups during their tour. Selway is married and has three sons, to whom Kid A , Amnesiac , and Hail to the Thief respectively are dedicated. Unlike many drummers of rock groups, Selway does influence the music that is written. For example, he chooses which recording of a song makes the album.


i absolutely love this


Oooft lots of shade thrown at other drummers



love this


I’m always intrigued by catnip. Is it literally just a thing that makes cats go nuts?


Its a type of mint plant. It’s often used in traditional/alternative medicine and it contains something that works as an insect repellent, too.

Even big cats, like lions and tigers are affected by it.


Bit more info here:


When I shared my house with a cat, she was indifferent to it. But Eric was a very strange cat. She absolutely hated me (except when she heard me using a tin opener and hoped it’d be tuna).


Probably because you gave her a boy’s name!


She was already named before we became acquainted.


it was short for ericat


Yeah it doesn’t work on all cats, 2 thirds or something get off their face on it but the other third don’t.

It used to make my ex’s cat go so violent as he couldn’t handle being cut off after one tiny bit.

Into the Narnia from r/combinedgifs


“Liverpool Polytechnic” has really done me for some reason :grinning:


The lyrics to Common People needed a massive overall.



Great stuff.


Reminds me of

‘Lad dog’ :grinning:


The splash and the crunch sound exactly the same