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I just love the idea of someone drumming ‘at some other groups’. Like, they were in the dressing room minding their own business until Phil tips up with his drum kit and starts drumming at them. FFS Phil


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Some people were dressed up as fictional monsters, but when we turn up dressed as a members of a genocidal fascist regime responsible for some of the worst atrocities in human history and currently experiencing an increasingly horrifying attempted normalisation through violent far-right movements, everyone gets in a tizzy!


Bloody intolerant so called liberals. They’re just history buffs. Very specific history buffs.


good boy deserves his pile of leaves


Get this horrible feeling from that video that they kept the dog in the hot car far too long for viral purposes.



what’s this about, just some intern gone rogue? obviously i wholeheartedly agree with the sentiment…


you can donate to stand up for cancer for them to do stuff


oh right :smiley:



Foxy! wish i had a grand to spare


i have no idea who he is


he’s from that programme where people try and do SAS training and he’s one of the blokes that just yells at people the whole time


What did Piers Morgan say to piss them off though?


sounds awful. if you can spare £500 instead ill join you for first dates drinks?



It’s the £50 option. I don’t think he’s done anything specific, if you don’t count everything he’s ever done.


Riiight. Didn’t read it. Awesome