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I have never heard of Ross Kempsell before, how does he compare to Ross Kemp?




Woah. Fucking hell


I’ve never really heard of her before, but she’s gone totally off the deep end this couple of weeks. I keep on seeing her being quote-tweeted into my timeline with some appalling take.

Expect to see her with regular columns in the Guardian and New Statesman before the year’s out…


i told frances she sounded racist when she said “people like” ash sarkar can’t say they’re marginalised when they appear on tv once in a blue moon. she informed me that i was in fact the racist because i was looking for racism in her tweet, or something.

she’s a fucking dingbat.





Sometimes a righteous modding gives me faith that power can be used properly

gets banned




So many good memories.


oh my god :joy:

this never fails to kill me either:



big fan of this promoted tweet




Weirdly I had this idea one of them ended with some line about, “I’m going home to have sex with my wife!” but either I invented that or (!) maybe it was in those beer ads they did using Police Squad!

Also it’s really weird and depressing that David Zucker turned into a complete right-wing wanker :frowning:


Looks like he’s deleted this. Was it a stolen gag? Reckon it’d be accidental if it’s Bob. He’s no Chegwin (RIP?).


Possibly a misunderstanding coming from this thread?


Remembering the scene from Speed?

-I’m going home to have sex with my wife
-no you’re going home to throw up
-well… That’ll be fun too