Great Things Posted on Social Media


That’s not funny or great. That’s weird and pathetic and sad.


an idiot died and then her idiot husband tweeted the prez about it. sorry, i find that funny, and also weird and pathetic and sad. probably i find it funny because of those things :man_shrugging:



My old rabbit used to do this with almost anything that was in his path. We put corn flakes on a sheet of kitchen roll for him to eat once and he just grabbed the kitchen roll and ran off with it


Oh I initially chortled as I thought it was a bot or something that made up a fictional character then panicked and made up its own death :frowning:


I assumed (and still kinda do) that that was some weird fake. The whole tweet seems too bizarre


Got a lot of love for Kids Write Jokes in general but this is a corker


apparently it’s real. good. hope more of them die tbh. thin out the voter base a bit.


Of all the enduring Twitter memes the "In case you’re having a bad day here’s " one is the best. They rarely don’t at least raise a smile.


am I missing something here or is this great thing literally just ‘a trump supporter died’ ?


It’s the way he tells em


more the husband going on the account to inform trump that his fash wife died an hour after she swore fealty to him. imo that is objectively funny. cba arguing about it tho, sensing the pile on looming.

ask the mods to remove it if you want, it’s no biggie.


Can we split this thread in two?

Keep this thread for things that aren’t just tweets. With videos, pictures, etc, embedded in tweets allowed, but all the better if you can post the actual thing rather than the tweet.

Have a new thread for twitter bullshit.

Ban request for anyone who posts a tweet saying ‘check out the replies!’, but doesn’t actually post those tweets.

In summary: Internet.


I can’t see any advantages in doing this.

I appreciate that you really hate twitter, but that’s no reason to split the thread in two.


Also, sometimes you can’t save the media in a tweet (videos/gift…) so linking to the tweet is the only way unless it’s available to download elsewhere. Even then it’s usually just on YouTube so would just be posting links there, which isn’t any different…


Yeah. One of the advantages of social media is its shareability. Content ripping and posting videos and images onto another website seems to go against the spirit of the thread and the motivation for posting it in the first place.



Blimey. I’d been trying to work that one out for the last decade and a half. But finally someone’s explained it to me.

Dude, I just want to highlight that not everyone’s got your curatorial finesse, so there’s a bunch of stuff in here that’s below par.

(Seriously, though. My only real point here is that Twitter stuff very often doesn’t work very well outside of Twitter.)


Simpsons stuff is also often not as great as Simpsons People think.

But it has it’s own thread, so that’s cool. :smiley:


Personally, the only stuff that I find below par in this thread is the posts where someone has stripped out an image that could have come from my mum’s facebook feed two years ago. The rest is fine and gives you a half-decent idea of the memes, fads and trends that pop up and down in various places.

This is a thread on a forum - obviously things aren’t going to map across to this format in the same way that they exist on twitter. Hence it’s far better to post the original links, rather than just images or video; that way people can actually click through and see it in context if they want.