Great Things Posted on Social Media


agree with wza a bit here when it’s some twitter post where someone’s like “hey this tweet is good. well, not this tweet but the reply to it. no, not that one. five replies down, the reply to that one. lol yeah.”


Tbf if any sort of quality control was going on in this thread it would have maybe 50 posts in it




if we had a “weird things posted…” that would probably do the job tbh :thinking:


Has someone done that in this thread though?


Thread got boring


It definitely happens. Fairly regularly. And with 3k+ posts ITT I’d put money on ‘yes’ being the correct response to this.




Guys, can we not have a tedious argument in the Good Things Posted on Social Media thread and instead just post Good Things? If you don’t agree that a thing that is posted is in fact good, scroll down. Move on to the next thing. Give your finger some exercise.


just saw something great on twitter guys, hope you’re all fans of clicking links as this one really needs the context of the tweet before it, also needs some knowledge of sad alt-right dickheads - basically a universally funny tweet y’know


Enjoy Dem-dulums on Wednesday!



is there a backstory to this I don’t know about?




have never heard of this song / dance



I absolutely hate this meme, sorry mate.


Good stuff from the grey donkey here