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Someone posted about their missing cat on a local Brighton FB group im on. So far so normal. The cat was found, in Southampton. No one seems to know how it got there


Aha thanks, another great film.


Main problem with Twitter is they keep doing their best to nerf content if you aren’t logged in, breaking videos or crashing the UI on mobile etc. So yeah if you don’t have an account then it can be tough.

That doesn’t mean change the thread though.


Got in the back of a van would be my guess.

I lived in Jersey for a while and we had a cat that would sometimes stay out for 3-4 days at a time. One time he was missing for about 2 months. We assumed he had been hit by a car and died somewhere. But one morning I wake up and he’s just chilling at the bottom of the stairs.

About 6 months later he was run over just round the corner of the house.


I was about to like your post until I got to the end :frowning: rip

Yeah I expect he got in a delivery van




Excellent. Poor @TheWza for missing it.


This has happened at work a couple of times in the last few years.

Spoke to someone a while ago who worked at a warehouse where they’d had a truck from Turkey in (shame it wasn’t a van) and they found a cat on the trailer while they were unloading. Great stuff.




On the basis of this, I read it. Utter rubbish. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Oooh, you’re a hard one to please, aren’tcha?

(I am sorry for wasting your time Wuzzles.)


Didn’t take that long to read. No harm done.

I’m not angry. Just disappointed. :grinning:


The whole page, actually.


This one’s Bloodborne



Depends if the parents opted-in tbf


What is a letter to Father Christmas with your present requests if not an implicit agreement to store your details?


Implicit doesn’t cut it with gdpr


Biffo is fucking terrifying eh