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really don’t know how people carry on drinking after vomiting, it’d just make me want to do more vomit


I thought you used to be local and would appreciate the references! :slight_smile:


I tried to read back over that and just gave up rolling my eyes.

Although that does remind me that in some thread about the effect of brexit on musicians he (joylon) said that his brother in law was guitarist in Hundred Reasons. A nice random dis centric fact I thought.


I’ve never been to the Boston either and lived around there/archway since 2008!


I’d pay for ageeeees, if I could
To trade (with) yoooouuuuuu



wots this windmill business all about


He supposedly lives in a converted windmill (though apparently it’s just a ‘holiday home’)


He’s a total fanny, basically



You guys missed so much fun*



Really fucking odd these people.

The Tories are fully responsible for every aspect of the shit around Brexit but instead of attacking them and presenting reasons why leaving the EU is a terrible idea let’s get really angry that we can’t understand how Corbyn could get through the day without drinking alcohol.


Shaun’s Youtube channel is great


I put on gigs at the Boston Arms in the late nineties and early 2000s, but never knowingly saw Jeremy Corbyn there. sad face

But I did put the White Stripes on so that’s not too shabby, I guess.


Kinnel. I was only born in 1993.


I mean Congolesa’s Tweet is a joke although it’s context free. Jolyon was claiming he’d often seen Corbyn downing glasses of wine in the Tufnell Park Tavern (Why would you go there, esp if you lived in Finsbury Park) so she was posting similar ridiculous hearsay.




Awesome! Did you get to talk to Jack and Meg?



I saw Dianne Abbott in a pub in Crouch End a little while ago. People have friends who live in other parts of town. I live in N8 but was drinking last night in N19, for instance. But, yes, Jolyon’s tweets are often nonsense.