Great Things Posted on Social Media


For the Sufjan/Flo Rida fans


Someone commented “Suf made this himself” and I’ve completely lost it



Sufjan Stevens Feelposting is now my sole reason for ever visiting Facebook


Cursed image.


Delightful mechanical circus news. It’s a thread, you’ll need to click it. Soz.




I love this! Can we have a whip round and buy it?


the level of detail and craft is incredible



lookit his bushy tail!


wait is this on? i hear tell these are domesticated foxes, but i’m confused, he looks a bit nervous tbh


My hero:


Future professional wrestler, surely


Martin Freeman dressed as Theresa May?


There was a big programme in the USSR to domesticate them

I read that the institute trying to do this still exists and funds itself by selling some of their foxes to rich Russians


I’ve always known dogs come from wolves.

Shit the fucking bed


The dolphins were monkeys that didn’t like the land.
Walked back to the water, went back from the sand. :thinking:




People falling into muddy water is probably the best genre of thing and this is one of the best