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aggpass removes shirt, starts punching ceiling


love is a gift that lasts until 2014 because I cba recording any more tapes


This is my last tape, and I just want to say: Have you sorted out that hair yet, love? You’ve got lovely hair and I don’t understand why you want to make it look so silly.


Did you listen to it with the sound off?


Just had to tell my boss that my contact lenses are giving me a bit of grief.


This is my last tape, and I just want to say: i hope by now we’ve managed to leave that eu. too many bloody immigrants coming over here stealing… what? i’m right… no, don’t switch it off, listen for a minute









Yea. Not crying on the train at all…


I read a post on a hearing loss FB group recently. It was by a partially deaf teacher who taught both deaf and hearing children in the same class. Apparently, one day whilst she was teaching, one of the deaf children let off a really long, loud fart without looking the least bit perturbed…but all the hearing children obviously turned around and stared. She then then described how she had to use sign language to explain that farts make a sound.

Funny but I bet he was very embarrassed


Even twats with topknots can feel love…



christ, i’m so glad i didn’t watch this in the office :heart: