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oh my, this is gooooood

nsfw language in video


I laughed far too hard at this :smiley:


Oh well, it’s better than that Pauline Hanson tape where she said “My fellow Australians, if you see me now, it is probably because I have been murdered”


Damn he looks good like that.




That’s rubbish, I was waiting for him to get tasered.


you fascist pig :wink:


bit of a niche one


going through some great oldies tonight



You may as well roll out Grape Lady Falls at this rate, although I’m sure I’ve added that somewhere up-thread given this has 3354 posts.



Near impossible to read the black text in the first panel, move it to the terrible thread


TBH I’m only dubious on account of Slavoj Zizek apparently thinking labelling political correctness as un-marxist is a sensible position to take with fascism on the rise.

(If you click the picture it gets bigger although it’s not a great deal easier to read.)


Ive clicked thru and I still can’t read the last black word. Terrible meme, 1/10




Goes out to @ghosthalo