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If they think millennials are lefty snowflakes, fucking wait until Gen Z start getting elected :sunglasses:


Good zinger and a good point


People Getting Stabbed In Medieval Art Who Just Don’t Give a Damn


‘Getting pretty tired of your bullshit’ was apparently the stock response to getting stabbed in the Middle Ages.


Reminded me of…


Keep still - its vision is based on movement!


:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:






Overton window is a term used to describe I guess the public political mood, and what sort of ideas are considered acceptable in public discourse

@marckee says it a lot in politics threads


ah, never heard the term. thanks

^why i’ve never heard the term


in a sense guntrip has shifted the overton window here by making it acceptable to mention the term outside politics threads


It’s like an episode of Doctor Who.


A quick search suggests that I’ve used it three times in the two years these forums have been active. Lots of other people have used it too.


classic @marckee


Doing basic research?

I guess…



really wish i’d saved my ‘look out, marckee’s about’ picture from a year or so ago :frowning:


found it



ngl that’s way less than I would have guessed.

Fun game - how many times has a Disser said their catchphrase or whatever?

@Antpocalypsenow thunderbirds.gif… I’ll say nine times.

Shit how do you search for gifs?