Great Things Posted on Social Media


Pretending your child said something ridiculous / funny (also if it is funny because you pretend a child said it) is good.

Pretending your child said something profound / wise is bad.

That’s my view anyway.

There’s a special section for stuff that is only funny of a kid days it that’s fluid because people with no real knowledge of kids seem to have a weird understanding of their intelligence and yet some parents definitely make shit up.




I mean this is definitely someone taking the piss out of people who say their kid said something they clearly didn’t say.

Which makes it great.





i think you need to give proper credit to @Parsefone for posting it first


I mean, the artist signed the original. Speechless about being Marckee’d in this fashion.


Can’t believe THREE people gave him likes too.

Good luck seeing those returned, losers!


Katie, obviously. LOL


cant wait for thom yorke and nicole kidmans xmas single



I do love the Hard Times :smiley:


haven’t actually read it yet but it was one of those moments where a Clickhole headline killed me




Listened to the Radiolab episode on that. I’m pretty sure it didn’t really work out in the long run.



tbf if it did genuinely happen and did work out in the short term then that’s absolutely delightful