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well played sir


good cropping skills


i did one of those volunteer days at work a few years where we went to a community centre and helped old people learn how to use their laptops or tablets for a couple of hours

guy i was with had a book where he wrote down all his passwords, yet every time we tried to log in to a site he would try the password a few times, it would come up that it was wrong, then i’d take him through how to reset his password, he’d set a new one up and then write it down again. i happened to glance down and they were all like the name of the website plus the day’s date on the end. then we would try another site, the same thing would happen, i’d say “is it not written down there?” but he’d keep getting it wrong and then doing the same thing. we’ve even go back to a site that we’d reset the password for earlier and get locked out again.

we didn’t have that long so i had to just give up in the end tbh. just spent the last half hour chatting to him about his interesting life instead.


really enjoying the niche humour of @bandmemes666 atm


This is not the first time I have seen this so please enjoy it less than you currently are


not a cell phone in sight. just people living in the moment.


Merely pursued, dagger to the head



I’m friends with her :slight_smile:


I wish you meant conker hedghog woman.






Love Megan Amran


Fully done

Lovely stuff


a heartwarming thing


An annual feeling


100% Notch is currently trying to find a way to permanently ban that kid from every server.