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Had totally forgotten about Gary Glitter. Reckon one of the most high-pressured jobs in the world is being the person who picks out old TOTPs for BBC4. Absolute minefield.




Alongside the classic horrible perverts you have to cut out it seems there’s stuff like this:

[Mike] Smith decided not to sign the licence extension that would allow the BBC to repeat the Top of the Pops episodes that he presented, with the BBC continuing to respect his wishes following his death. As a result, episodes featuring Smith have been omitted from the repeat run on BBC Four.

Tough gig.


Assumed it was a fake and they’d covered a football image but then you can see it on the monitor in the distance. (Or else it’s a next level fake.)




This is definitely the most ambiguous of replies.


Oh, Theo.



We live in such a weird time.


Because she’s done a new one today, here is a fucking superb thread of on-the-money recreations of reductive female acting roles and tropes:

She is fucking brilliant


haha the solving racism one is basically the exact plot of remember the titans


My favourite thing posted on social media this year


Can’t believe he’s on Brainfeeder making shit jazz rock albums now. Loved this video when it came out.


This is brilliant. I really like his new album, some of his stuff reminds me of Max Tundra.


I have a weird inexplicable soft spot for Remember the Titans but that’s spot on.


oh aye me too. it’s trash but it’s very watchable