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“the screenwriters are assuming that if they give the audience enough reasons to root against David and me they’ll forget that they’ve been given no compelling reasons to root for David and you” is so on the money it’s ridiculous


this is great



Only just rediscovered this on my phone.

Technically not posted and I can’t decide whether it’s good or terrible but I was completely in awe when this appeared as an ad on here.





This is talked about at band a lot. Basically the people who play the proper instruments want to warm air sound not the cold air sound.




JFC, this has killed me :joy::rofl:


At least there isn’t a 1000 word blog post before the recipe waffling on about their life and the ingredients.


If you can spare the 23 minutes to watch this it’s really worth it. Terry Crews is so eloquent and makes some great political points while going through this



Hyped for these future primavera headliners




Genuinely can’t stop crying with laughter


You always forget that they sound exactly like teddy bears.


absolutely done by this. PiesExpert1957 is a great username too


I’m gonna reach out and see if we can get 'em on Disintegration State.