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For the live show?


I needed this today


I’ll have to see what the guys think but I for one think the one thing that bill is lacking is musical otters.


worst thing about visiting my parents is my dad still basically physically dragging me out of bed if i am asleep past 10am, only for him to fall asleep the moment we all sit down as a family in the afternoon


i just sent the video to erstwhile diser kyle saying it reminded me of seeing rhys chatham and charlemagne palestine live and he replied ‘at least otters are cute’ :smiley:


Can this be real? Otters playing the keyboard?






Hah hah. We saw Charlemagne Palestine live and we all only discovered the show hadn’t actually started yet when he announced after 20 minutes he was still waiting for some people who were running late to turn up.


I don’t fancy him. But removing his glasses takes about 30 years off him.


Well removing his glasses and, by the colour of his hair/eyebrows in that photo, going back in time 30 years does indeed take about 30 years off him!


TBF I think he was born when he was at least 30. Farage at 50.


This has something for everyone