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Err crickets, @colon_closed_bracket



Posted by some mates. What great lads



such a weird place though. TBH I’m never really sure when I’m ‘in there’… there’s no discernible centre, just expanses of roundabouts that you can drive around doing 70mph


This tickled me


Yeah…saw someone from Ireland quote Tweet this as not only bollocks but essentially playing into Irish = thick stereotypes for the English.

(May even have been someone from here.)


But it also plays into the Irish stereotype of thick Cork people.
I’ll allow it. :grin:


alright, delete it if you think it’s out of order


To be fair the guy tweeting it is an Irish musician



Nah it was more a discussion point. I don’t really know the answer.




this is really clever and the fact that i got it shows i spend too much time online


wtf kind of cropping job is this sir


tis ye old mcbain.jpg my friend

for anyone who doesn’t get it, the pic is from a Panic at the Disco track, the lyrics being “haven’t you people ever heard of closing a god damn door”, the joke here is that the text says “haven’t you ever heard of cropping your goddamn memes” but i can’t tell if the cropping job should’ve been a fraction better so that was easier to work out. i guess if you recognise the music vid still you’d be more likely to guess it?

it’s kinda shit and stupid but quite great too imo