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i’ve finally met my irony meme match and i do not like it one bit :frowning:





Just looking at that image makes me seethe with rage


kin hell


quite tickled by the New Year’s Countdown on the Fb page of Felix the Huddersfield Station Cat


she’s so deadpan




I’ve met that cat



me too! I was admiring her royal portrait and then there she was, skirting around near the ticket booths.

I petted her, did you? I hope so.


Too awkward to pet cats, just wave at them instead



Can never make up my mind if the see you next year thing is something that has never been funny, or is always funny


Have you become a dad recently?

  • never been funny
  • always funny

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Depends how drunk I am


y’know when someone leaves the office on a Friday, forgets something so returns 5 mins later and people joke by asking how their weekend was? never that funny

the reason the NYE version is funny is cos you’re guaranteed to only hear it once a year


It’s no Geography Cat…


she’s internet friends with Geography Cat, let’s not pit them against each other