Great Things Posted on Social Media


Yeah, I saw this earlier


Geography Cat did a blog post about Costa Rica after we sent a postcard in. Top cat.


:heart: I might have to follow Geography Cat

Felix was my girl early on because of my Hudds connections, but I could have been learning about geography the cute way this whole time



always quite funny tbh. might not be comedy genius but in the context of office bants it’s one of the better tropes.


I’ve suggested it before but there needs to be a dedicated thread for things that have never been funny, my first two nominations

  • word play around Coca-Cola and cocaine
  • when people comment on larger people ordering diet drinks with fast food meals
  • die hard being a Christmas film


by all means have this as a new thread but don’t go clogging up this 3.7k posts of greatness with it :grin:



I have a real aversion to starting threads



Christ. As if any of us noted P!ATD at all after that weird YouTube sensation of kids miming to their one song on hairbrushes about 12 years ago.


The die hard Christmas thing has done my tits in this year

So annoying


It’s not a joke though, just a general fact that some people get grumpy about because they refuse to accept not everyone has the same Christmas


every time I have heard someone reference it it has always been in an ‘isn’t this a humorous observation to make’ kind of way


Oh well. You need better people to encounter :heart:


definitely a joke that has spread


Depends on if people are saying it as a joke. I say it’s a Christmas movie but it’s not a joke. I like to watch it every Christmas if I can.


no problem with it being a sincere opinion, but in my experience it is normally expressed, if not as being an outright joke, at least being funny/unusual/quirky opinion which is completely negated by how widespread it is (nail in the coffin being this years co-op ad), and I reckon that accounts for 95% of die hard is a christmas film utterances, totally accept in your case this view predates the joke


OK ok, it’s just a joke, but it’s cracked me up


But most of the people saying it are doing the whole “I’m a MAN so obviously I don’t like ACTUAL Christmas films! You know what Christmas film I like? DIE HARD! HAHA! You didn’t think of that did you? But it’s set at Christmas! So it’s a Christmas film!! A MANLY one! Ahaha.”

Just tends to come across a bit insecure.


When I was a lad I ate four dozen eggs every morning to help me get large
And now I’m a man I eat five dozen eggs and my favourite Christmas film is Die Haaaaard