Great Things Posted on Social Media


Again this is all anecdotal which really was my initial point. It isn’t a flat always a joke like the other two TTF grouped it with.


Wouldn’t go as far as to call it a joke but does usually seem to be people thinking it’s a terribly clever idea


This is only the latest McAfee tweet about whale fucking.


is this brilliant? genuinely not sure


hanx is at it again! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Was this meant to be in ‘Terrible things’? :wink:


fair, i think i should have explained why this is a great thing to me. basically the idea that someone wandering around waterstone’s might find hanx moving his own book to a better position on the shelf so it sells more, and filming himself doing it, objectively tickles me.


Yes to be fair this is a sort of meta self-own by Mr God Bless America :slightly_smiling_face:



there’s one for Whiplash but it doesn’t really work, this is great tho


I liked this one






i still laugh at moth memes

what about it



There must have been so many people involved in the creation of this.



Love Great Simpsons Faces