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I’m singing that to the opening lines of the theme from Only Fools and Horses.





i don’t know how big these are but ‘10 bites’ seems a ludicrous claim if it’s the same size as a standard sausage roll


greggs have an amazing twitter game :smile:


hang on if you click the greggs tweet it just shows their post but not piers, does this…does this mean he blocked greggs? :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Catering for a growing market so you can make more money is PC gone mad, in my sensible opinion


So are people actually getting riled up about this?

How does anyone get annoyed about veggie or vegan options? This is like those parents who went to the newspaper about their nursery feeding their kids vegan food. Oh you’re annoyed they’re eating vegetables?


Never underestimate the fragile white male’s ability to get angry.


We’ve all been posting on the same website as you for a decade, we don’t underestimate it in the slightest


oh my god this is joyous



They didn’t reply to his original quote Tweet slagging off the vegan sausage roll, probably (cleverly) to avoid giving his tweets exposure?


ah, gotcha


Love the idea that meat eaters exclusively eat meat. No veg for me please, I’m a meat eater.


Make up your minds, omnis



In actual tears over this


Just seen this which made me a bit sad