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I’ve genuinely seen 20+ people happily mocking angry men who are aghast at vegan sausage rolls but haven’t seen one of those posts.

Can someone please for the love of good show me one of those angry posts…


As a vegetarian who used to eat like 2 sausage rolls a day in my meat eating days, this vegan sausage roll is exactly what I’ve been waiting for.


I’m on a team with someone at work who gets wound up by any sort of ‘political correctness gone mad’ story.

Almost disappointed he’s had the week off because I’m certain a vegan sausage roll would’ve had him riled good and proper.


Well there’s Piers Morgan, as covered in this thread.

You’ll see a lot of it in general media, so for example the comments on this article about a restaurant near me going vegetarian [edit: which isn’t your specific question, but it seems really common in any article on vegetarianism].



There are a few replies to the original Greggs announcement post.

I don’t know about ‘angry’ though. Most of the replies I saw were of the tiresome, “What I don’t get is why vegans want to eat something that looks like a meat product anyway?!” like they thought they were Jimmy Carr, or else, yeah, people saying “But it’s not a sausage cry laugh emoji”. Basically the usual crowd who pop up every time someone mentions veganism in order to make it clear they’re not vegan.


that meme or whatever whereby “you’ll know if someone’s a vegan bc they’ll say they’re vegan lol” irks me because (like the whole snowflake irony) it’s the weird bacon bores who are the most loud about it


Yeah I still see that ‘joke’ trotted out by people who should know better otherwise. I tweeted to someone “you’ll know you’re with a vegan because all the non-vegans won’t shut up about it” in reference to this actually.


lol get burned


Look at this guy, sticking it to Greggs by buying their products…


Fantastic pissboiling, even better than Khan’s New Year EU jamboree.


This is why it should still be OK to laugh at some people’s virginity.



you’ll know you’re with a vegan because the fucking omnis wont shut up about how the vegan wont shut up about how annoyed the omnis are about them being vegan mirite loool


Nothing more tiresome. It’s all very boring.

And now I’m concerned after that PR reveal that no one ever gave a shit about vegan sausage rolls in Greggs they just created dislike to try to get people paying attention.


Same as it ever was, friend!


I’m not sure I buy that this is a PR thing, unless there were more tweets between them that i didn’t see. It’s pretty in keeping with their usual usual tweets isn’t it? I don’t think piers needs his PR firm to tell him to seek attention.


yeah I’m as cynical as they come but I would assume this is just Piers being a cunt as always, it’s his MO, don’t think his PR agency would get involved with his twitter imo