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Exhibit B


Yeah I could see it going either way to be honest. Either way, I am sad.


That said, these guys are another creative/PR agency, so if anyone would have some idea of what might go on in that world you’d think they would? Either that or, like you say, they’ve just gone full tinfoil-hat on this


I have read that both Piers Moron and Greggs use the same PR firm but haven’t been able to find out whether or not that’s true.


I mean, if you argue indiscriminately with everyone on Twitter, you are going to end up arguing with other clients of your PR firm sometimes


Maybe I’m just cynical?



I just really like ducks


Number 6 is giving me Ziggy from The Wire feels :cry:


oh no :cry:

I hope that’s special beer for ducks or perhaps just some very dark apple juice



Trying so hard to not go full Epimer on this.


thank u for youre forbearance


dodgy microwave food can have that effect


So there’s a pair of (I think) mandarin ducks that live on the canal near our place in Edinburgh.

We were walking along said canal on Tuesday only to see an absolutely heartbreaking sight - the female, apparently beak down in the water, unmoving, and the male forlornly swimming around her. Trying to be optimistic; we waited. She did not move, or give any indication she hadn’t quacked her last. He continued to just swim circles around her. It was absolutely heartbreaking. Stuck in the depth of a post Christmas lull, I almost started crying. My partner had to drag me away.

A couple of minutes later and we chance a look back. She’s up, fine, and swimming about, as if nothing was wrong. Because it wasn’t. We just got trolled by the duck equivalent of that kid in school that liked to show off how he could hold his breath for. I was, obviously, fuming.


don’t let yourself be burned by this particular duck, is my advice. there will be many more ducks, wonderful ducks, and you shouldn’t close your heart to them.


Should’ve reenacted that scene from About A Boy.


May need to be in the heavy handed thread but I don’t think so.


I think they should have these sort of charts up in therapists’ office for when it’s hard to talk and they ask you how you are


We regret to inform you that duck 6 is Farage