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I went to the doctor’s this morning. could have just pointed at sad muddy duck and saved having to talk.


I think I may have met number 6. I believe it’s Star The Duck whose owner polarized Devon with his borderline cruelty / desperation for minor celebrity.


It definitely is.







This could be restrooms for everyone
This world could be fed, this world could be fun
This could be restrooms for everyone
With freedom to pee, this world could be one




Is that the Viz? Fkn love the Viz so much


The viz?



My old boss got SO MAD when I ordered vegetarian and vegan food for everyone at an event (we had so many veggies and vegans and lactose frees I just thought it’d be easier than dealing with all the dietary requirements). He said he had to go out and eat a steak that night and told us to make sure it never happened again.



Fo the sake of fuck.


For the sake of fuck.


P.S. Never even knew this was a thing, who’s into it? Millennials? Boomers?


And you had your camera ready!

How wonderful.


no idea what you’re on about tbh



I’m on about plastic transparent showerheads with pebbles inside to give, I don’t know, a kind of faux-rustic/eco-friendly/back to nature look? They are a thing.