Great Things Posted on Social Media



you sacrificed the village seer
you drank the blood of baby deers
oh why did we summon you here, jolene


The grass beneath you turns to dust,
Your skin resolves my sword to rust,
In my God I can no longer trust, Jolene


Our bloody debt is never paid
On the souls of man you’ve preyed
No cadaver left unflayed, Jolene


quite like how we’ve all gone with a medieval fantasy vibe :grinning:


the children screamed as you approached
and you left their orphanage bloodsoaked
the townfolk flee on horse drawn coach, jolene


Could do creepy sci-fi vibe instead:

You voyaged from the edge of time,
The stars are bruised by your dark crime,
Towards your savage heart I climb, Jolene


RDR2 remix:

You rolled like thunder into town
With ringing spurs and furrowed brows
You shot my friends and stole my cows, Jolene


you started good but then turned mean
and turned your back on jedi dreams
then used the force to choke a dweeb, jolene


Ignore the fact this comes from the least funny place on the internet.


No matter where I try and hide
I can’t escape your eye, and I’d
Just better neck the cyanide, Jolene


someone posted that on the music board?


The what board? :thinking:




I want to know how that turns out in the end?

Edit: I don’t know why I put that question mark there.


The cat was fine about being taco’d, according to the original imgur. Unbelievable tude.