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FFS, just did an office lol.


You meant #susanalbumparty, right?

I think I first saw this photo two or three years ago. Find it hard to believe that anyone is now seeing it for the first time.


Alright, marckee.


I watch and I learn.


I don’t get it though, the whole point of the joke is “here’s a real thing that sounds a bit like a song lyric”. You can make anything up that sounds a bit like a song lyric, why is that supposed to be funny? Or is it because IKEA product names are a bit weird so that’s supposed to be funny? Like a picture of a table with “SLÅG” written next to it or something. Except “SLÅG” also sounds like part of a lyric.

It’s possible I’m overthinking this.




It was only ever downhill for that guy after this:


I think it’s just down to whether or not you hear the song before you really read the words properly? For me the Frasier one doesn’t reality work: it’s been many years since I saw it but if he’d written

…but I don’t know what to do with those

I’d have heard the song first so found it fairly amusing.

I actually rate the Henry VIII one @dingaling posted better on that basis :astonished:




This thread deserves a Pulitzer:




Wasn’t that the joke? Impressive subposting at the man himself I thought.



He ripped it off from someone else! (Not having a go at you, just can’t believe how blatant he’s been)


Booooo! What a swizz!


Saw that in my timeline actually and thought it was odd when I was reading the other thread that two people had done this. Nice Sherlocking



Good luck with the sale, @whiterussian :footprints::muscle: