Great Things Posted on Social Media


A massive photo album of the London Docklands in the late 1980s

(Can’t embed as it just posts as a single image)

Guy has loads of other period photos around London on his profile as well, from the looks of it.


Or you could watch Stanley Kubrick’s 1987 film Full Metal Jacket.


if someone took me to an owl sanctuary on a first date, I’d think they were the bee’s knees


Girlfriend and I went here once (not on a first date, admittedly)

Was excellent


Yeah almost @'d you on that post but felt a bit invasive


look at this snowy owl


i wish he was my mate


If that’s the snowy owl I saw there, the plaque outside his enclosure said he’s related to the owl from the Harry Potter films


Mum sent me one of those “look at these amazing pictures of this world” chain emails.
One of them was this amazing owl:


Wow. Almost difficult to believe that’s real. Nature, eh?


“nature finds a way” as famous biologist Jeff Goldblum said


Are you all taking the piss? That ain’t a real owl.




But look at its soulful eyes.
Its just as God made it, don’t be so rude.


Creep doesn’t have drums


‘crap owl.jpg’ has done me


hahaha that was my naming convention


Owls are thick and I hate them.

don’t @ me


Dear god.

I thought I’d seen some wild takes in my time but I never thought I’d live to see anyone come after Owls.

Owls ffs.


I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before. I have my reasons.