Great Things Posted on Social Media


(Epimer’s girlfriend left him for an owl, iirc)


I was in owls in junior school. I take this very personally indeed.


This does not surprise me one bit.


The owl tat is hardly the owl’s fault. Unless it’s all made by owls I declare this reason invalid.

I’ll accept the black eye thing though. ‘An owl did it,’ is not something anyone would ever believe.


Can neither confirm nor deny


Epimer runs an owl sweat shop pass it on


How much for a medium jar of owl sweat?


They killed Michael Peterson’s wife in The Staircase :owl: :skull:


You’re asking the wrong man. I’m only involved in this word-of-mouth PR campaign, I don’t get involved in the day to day running of the place.


I know those words but not in that order


I see. This is the Seaborne Freight of owl sweat providers and I’ll take my custom elsewhere.




Unplayably bad card AND it has a typo on it.

I rest my case.


it could be worse, it could be a Gwent card






Are u not entertaint?!


The pope comes after owls…in a dictionary!!!


I don’t give two hoots.