Great Things Posted on Social Media


Someone posted this on their Facebook today. I think it’s worth re-posting here.


I know everyone on DiS hates Queen, and this guy’s music is probably terrible, but it at least raised a smile.






Bloody anti-royalist heathens!


Absolutely horrendous but strangely satisfying?


My mind is trying to blank out what I’m seeing there.


can this be real?


Dude, just tell us if there needs to be a content warning, does he (CW here too) get his dick smashed up by a propellor or summat


Nah. In fact it could be far more disgusting than it is.


Just watched it



I’m suspicious of its authenticity, but humans are capable of great, smooth acrobatics. I’ve seen Tubgirl.


Was exaggerating for comic effect, but on classic pop/bands threads they’re often a bete noire, and not really with much explanation. I’m mostly fine with them, but can only put the hatred down to people who get annoyed by shamelessly bombastic, “no such thing as less is more” bands like Muse.


Sadly I read his first reply. Seems he’s a massive racist :grimacing:


my uncle worked as a plasterer on some docklands buildings in the early 90s, but his firm got sacked because the entire workforce was drunk the majority of the time (him included). he’s very anti London to this day because of this (he’s from liverpool)


I never want to go anywhere that cold ever but this is beautiful


I would fucking love to be there and experience that. Not sure I’d want to live there though. Better for holidays!




edit: dunno whats wrong with the link :thinking:


Underscores parsed as italics. You have to backslash them