Great Things Posted on Social Media


ahhhhhhh cheers!


Just stumbled across this on Wikipedia…Bristol City are also interested, let’s hope more than Blackburn Rovers!


Poor Britt :sob: couldve been a world beater before he got injured for 18 months


Can only hear his name as jermaine from flight of the conchords saying Bret


fully, fully done by this :smiley:


Is the Haribo thing a reference to something or just a random thing to pick?


alright, tim kinsella


I think just a random thing to pick… It’s a poor choice of sweets whatever the case, Middlesbrough would be mad!


Go off, Kingpin




Linehan indignantly replying to this and calling him a moron… the man needs help


Ratio and a half.


that’s a great Twitter handle and all


he’s also going after Great Manchester Police by the looks of it because someone asked if their session on hate crimes would include ‘hate crimes against TERFs’ - what a fucking bellend. fair play to Liam:


the cops have a better grip on this than libs wtf


I find it hard to understand why someone with the user name TERFTASTIC would be offended by the term Terf. It’s an acronym anyway so which word are they against exactly?


I hate him so much. It’s so obvious the way he ignores any replies to him that actually contradict the shit he’s spouting and instead mocks people for having beards or whatever. Yesterday he tweeted a thread by an actual nazi



Posted with the caption: “Move over Simone Biles. These frozen pants just stuck the landing”. Could also be posted in the “satisfying things” thread.