Great Things Posted on Social Media



As always, it’s the replies…


Forgot to post this the other day


Have been thoroughly enjoying the responses to this tweet



Cats can’t look up.


JFC. They’ve been deleted and are being investigated!


The one decent thing the cops have said and this happens.

D’onofrio’s tweet got deleted too :cry:


I don’t know how other people feel about this, but would there be any chance of people content warning and blurring transphobia related posts, or else posting them in a specific thread (possibly a new one if not wanting to co-opt the LGBT thread). It’s important to talk about and I love that DiS is so good with the subject, but it spreads itself across so many threads here and so is quite hard to avoid and sometimes it can be pretty exhausting to read (even when it’s an example of someone fighting against it).

I know this isn’t really done for other issues that affect DiSers (e.g. misogyny / homophobia / racism) so it’s fine if other people don’t think that’s a good idea. Just a thought.


fucking hell.


Sounds perfectly reasonable to me. Maybe we should be doing it for the other things you mention.


they seem to have apologised since for that post

probably belongs in the terrible things thread


(sorry didn’t notice it’d already been posted)


christ. I was hoping/expecting the comments on this to be massively critical, but there’s loads of pricks thanking them for the apology and saying the original post was offensive. really disheartening how many people share linehan’s bile.


Yeah I just read more replies than I should have done, what an awful set of twats.


a) good idea
b) apologies
c) i’m going to blur any posts of mine about this issue in future, you’re absolutely right





back to acab then