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From the journalist John Lewis, but posted on FB so it doesn’t really link well here I don’t think:

The last 12 prime ministers gender swapped (although they’ve missed out Alec Douglas Hume). Churchill is Kate Tempest; Anthony Eden is Ute Lemper, Macmillan is Christine Keeler, Callaghan looks like a Coronation Street matriarch, and I totally fancy Antonia Blair.


poor kate tempest

also - Hello Gordona, aww fuck I fancy Cameron as well.


James Callahan is apparently Mrs Brown’s Boys.

Also, I find it really interesting that John Major just looks exactly like John Major.


I like how the two lads after Churchill clearly had moustaches and there’s just this blank upper lip area.

like they thought ‘i assume they’d have a philtrum but it would be incredibly irresponsible of me to guess, let’s make them look like a cut scene from a PS2 game instead.’

wilson is pretty too actually.


Somehow it still looks better than that Superman work in Justice League



Ban this sick filth



Thanks @cowtipping


That’s absolutely ruined me. Far more funny than ‘Man falls in snow’ should ever be.


The guy being dragged up the hill…


Button lifting on a snowboard is sooooooooooooooooooooooo hard.




been there done that. it’s a right pain in the arse.


Looks like meat’s back on the menu boys:





literally fine?


Yeah, I take that back - unsure about their music but this is the best Dad joke of all time.


Stole this from our very own @Aggpass


Bring on the backlash!