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Just checking: we all drew a penis first, didn’t we.


It’s very accurate tbf. It’s nailed everything I’ve tried to draw


I was baffled and disturbed by all the pubes turning into smaller penises.




The pubes turning into fractal penises properly did me.


I actually tried to draw a cock the first time was well impressed


Old Blue Last joke format



Psygnosis logo avatar yeeesss



But Murray Walker did! Christ, when I watched F1 20 years ago I thought he was just an old-looking 47.



that’s lovely and all but the word “mom” is so grating


A long read and somewhat terrifying


In the 90s that was definitely the “5 years stood outside the staff room” kids’ music :grin:


Graeme/Graham! Close relatives having different spelling variants of the same name… weird flex but ok.



haven’t read this yet, but for a while I’ve been mildly irked that there’s a film adaptation of this and its title clashes with the Fritz Lang noir classic


kickin screamin gucci little piggies


forgot i’d changed my profile pic and was about to lambast this chancer for stealing my post