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I think it’s fake? there is no @luther_self

unless he deleted his account




ahhh he’s changed his handle, it would appear






Not really a fan of people being randomly abusive to others for laughs (or any other purpose really) tbh


ernie keebler is a snack company isn’t it


Nah, I know the fella.


bit mean though isn’t it

just a dude trying to sell biscuits


I’d be up for a fudge stripe right about now.


i mean even if we grant the cookie elf has the same entitlement to freedom from abuse as a human, i took the guy saying suck muh cock to be the butt of the joke anyway, considering the acct is a parody of an extremely online weirdo type. like he is hurling abuse at a fictional character, how does he come off the winner there.


concerned this is gonna turn into a debacle so i’m bowing out


yeah alright


I would literally die to protect that cartoon elf biscuit mascot from abuse, obviously, but I want to also make it clear that I would defend to the death @ghosthalo 's right to post a picture where someone orders the cartoon elf to suck their dick.


I don’t really believe that was a real response from Netflix, but it’s funny enough.



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