Great Things Posted on Social Media


This is so lovely :sob:


I feel mixed about Rate my Plate because some of the comments are problematic and sometimes it clearly ripping on poor people cooking food. However, I can’t help but cry with laughter at some of the posts.



Or maybe just an intern in the second largest cookie manufacturer in the US being told to post vacuous stuff to Twitter.

I’d imagine whoever was writing those Tweets found the ‘suck my cock’ joke funny, TBH. The weirdo replies are likely the only thing that brightens their daily drudge.



I can’t say I understand anything about this.



“billions of sheep - FISH, billions of fish.”


hoping @xylo will come and explain it



I have done more or less that person’s job and don’t think they find it funny. I mean, in isolation, it might be funny. But the person telling them to suck his cock is probably not the only person who thought it would be funny to randomly abuse a weird corporate account that day. Also when someone posts something “funny” like that, people will be taking screenshots and tagging you for days so they have probably seen that tweet a lot (i mean my god, the number of times i’ve seen that tesco “do you have eyes linda” one and i didn’t even work for tesco)

Also i would broaden your spectrum of who you think might be behind the cookie manufacturer account. Is it still funny if those people are all telling an 18 year old girl to suck their dick? What about a 50-something grandma who somehow has been given that job despite not really understanding the internet? (We had one of these at my old job)


Yeah all fair points it’s true, it’s not a great response.

(I mean I do think this particular type of posting by a company is pretty grim. The use of ‘Nigerian prince’ isn’t a great thing to be using to try to make a joke and frankly I would stand by saying whoever authorised that can fuck off.)


Yeah i didn’t much like that. I can’t speak for other companies, but at my old job a different team wrote the tweets and we just did the replies.


Well shit that’s even grimmer :frowning:




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I could do that


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Great when he jumped into her arms afterwards