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i muted this guy on twitter this week despite having no idea who he is

in conclusion: no


he used to be an admin on drownedinsound


Thought this was quite interesting


The format clearly allows for chat. Again, I’d question if you had actually read any part of this this thread before. Post something good in the thread, preferably something no one needs to click a link through to but obviously not all sites auto-preview. Instagram does if you pick a particular post.

What I find weirder is how massively defensive you’re getting about being asked to post on-topic in a thread. What’s next, just posting

“Aneurin Bevan”

in the UK politics thread and then getting pissy that he was really important to UK politics and we should all check his stuff out when people question it?


Holy shit, watching Nokia collapse as smartphones got big was really something. Also the fact that Coke never really changes in terms of its value. Wow.


You could have just scrolled past my initial post instead of trying to police the content of the thread. Have a nice night.


It’s literally my thread. I get a notification whenever someone posts in it. Users police their own threads, it’s common.


Nice one. Keep fighting the good fight!



I was waiting for Apple but it was still quite something.

Surprised Microsoft’s still got so much clout, but I guess Windows is still everywhere Macs are not, and the Surface Pro is actually pretty successful.


Also still dominant in office software.


Don’t forget the Zune as well.

(and more seriously, XBox)


Forgot about Xbox. Suppose Sony’s oddly missing, but games will account for surprisingly little really, and they’re not particularly market-leading in anything else at the moment.


I don’t know how the data is collected, but there aren’t any Japanese firms in there, which makes me think that it hasn’t picked them up.

Sony are HUGE, especially if you include the music labels and film production.


It’s because the video is showing the value of the brand, not necessarily revenue/turnover/profit


What even is the value of a brand? Who measures it?


Your reaction is disproportionate


Basically it’s the difference in earnings between selling iPads/iMacs etc as Apple and selling identical products named myTablet and myLaptop as Joe Bloggs Inc.

Fuck knows how they calculate that though.


Well there goes my afternoon.